Friday 5 March 2021

Morning food experience: you are what you eat


YOU are what you eat. Or as we say in colour speak, the colour of your food affects your mood so choose food that corresponds with the energy you think you would need during the day.

Food is one of the most effective ways to incorporate colour into your life and diet, and benefit from its subtle but profound healing effects.

The colour energy of the food that we eat resonates with the emotional, mental or spiritualenergy that we need.

Red, orange and yellow foods in the morning will increase your energy levels and activateyour intellectual abilities. 

What looks and tastes better than a colourful bowl of fruit salad in the morning?

Notice how happy it makes you feel just thinking about it. 

Wednesday 5 April 2017

what makes food delicious?

the fundamentals of a good meal:
1. 20% TasteI
Has the food good tasting? Is it fresh? Is it well flavored?
2. 10% Texture
 For example:a chip  should not be soggy ; a flaky white fish  shouldn’t be hard.
3. 10% Temperature
 Is the food the correct temperature for the type of food it is?
Fresh food should always been crisp and cool as should cold beverages.
Cooked food should mostly be served hot or warm. Temperature makes a huge difference.
4. 20% Presentation
How does the food look? (variety of colors and textures)? How well is it plated?
5. 40% Substance
 Substance is the quality of the food plus the nutritional value and impact that nutrition will have on the human body. Nutritionally dense foods have a high value while junk foods can have a negative value.

source Huffington Post
By Shaahin Cheyene

Chocoholic? Choose orange

      hot chocolate tastes better in an orange cup 

Sunday 26 March 2017

The 5 dimensions of food

Eating is a  colorful and sensuous experience.
It carries all the symbols of a culture,the history of a country.
Food with their colours are there when we get together to socialize,to celebrate because 
it’s hard to imagine getting together without the company of food.

you should also please the eye
 The visual analysis is always the first approach.A large number of people react more to color than the aroma of food.

Since Roman times the food presentation was done with attention.The tables were adorned with colored tablecloths and plates were chosen among precious colours such as gold, silver and precious stones.

Tuesday 14 March 2017

the food experience at your location

   An amazing experience into the mystery of colours


eating in colours
Colorful food reaches our sense even before you taste it and arouse our emotions.
How to lay the table to appeal your senses because we first eat with our eyes and colours are the key of flavour.
The right dishware and background colours for every event,need and mood.

Every mood has its food 
how to choose the right food
to cheer you up
to relax and destress
to keep focused
to overcome anxiety and fears
 Discover the rules of '
intuitive eating'

for anyone wanting to learn more about how to choose the right food  to feel and get better

The workshop is tailored to those attending based on their specific areas of interest

can be requested by anyone looking to hold an event,promoting or launching new products  or for small groups as edutainment  
time : 2/3 hour interactive workshop with recipe information

the food mandala 
let yor intuition create your colorful  food mandala.
A mandala is like a key to get in touch with your inner image.
Together we' ll unlock the messages in your mandalas with different techniques


I’d love to come speak at your event!
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